I am a 38 yr old mother of 6. I consider myself a no biting tongue kind of Mommy. If my child couldn’t sing or dance, but dreamed of being Micheal Jackson, you wouldn’t see them on American Idol, with me on the sidelines. I would’ve handled that at home and told them to choose another career path because this one is not going to take you where you want to go.

Now a little about my children:

My oldest is my only daughter Rayna. She’s a Junior in college at the University of Arizona and is majoring in Public Health. She is on her way to Copenhagen to study abroad for a semester. I had her at 16, so you know I’m shocked, amazed and proud of who she is becoming.

My 15yr old is Michael. He is a Freshman in High School and more focused on girls than school.

My 14yr old, Mekhi is in 8th grade. He is so focused on school the girls just chase after him.

Ke’saih is my 11yr old. He has got to be the most giving and loving young man. He is always in the kitchen cooking with me.

Khamari is 8. He was the baby for seven years so he is still underneath me whenever he is at home. Although this year, he has really started to find his independence.

R.J. is the baby. We are still figuring him out but I can say I just love being his mommy and learning new things about him each day.

Ryan is my awesome other half. We have a great story that I will certainly share one day.

Welcome to my crazy family life!!





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